About Ebuzi.Com

Ebuzi.com is a motivational blog that helps to inspire,uplift,educate,entertain,build and also provide you with a sense of knowing your right and authority in Christ Jesus, using the word of God (Bible) as the source of your motivation and also including social features such as christian movies and videos, songs and lyrics and also scriptural quotes to help make you a better and successful child of God.
Ebuzi.com is owned and managed by Samuel Abu, although am not a Pastor,Priest,Reverend,Deacon,Prophet
or Bishop, I am just a guy who loves playing football and computer programming, But i am a living witness
to the power in the word of God, Thank you Jesus.
The aim of Ebuzi.com at first was to encourage,motivate and inspire myself solely using the word of God
(Bible). Because at a point in time i felt my life was worthless and full of depression to the extent i almost
killed myself but the word of God saved me and gave me a genuine purpose to live again happily.
Putting this website online is just a way of expressing myself using my web development and designing skills.

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             STAY BLESS...!!!


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