You are a god

You are a god and yes you are is all about you knowing your position and right in Christ Jesus,for the Bible says "my people perish for lack of wisdom and knowledge" failing to know that he was beaten and hunged on the cross so that we will be like him.

To know more about your right and authority in Christ Jesus, ask yourself this questions.
1. Who is Jesus. ?
to help you find an answer to this question check < who do you say i am...? >

2. How did jesus operate while he was on earth with a human vessel (flesh) ?
for the book of mark 4:39 says Jesus stood up and commanded the wind "Be quiet" and he said to the waves "Be still" the wind died down and there was great calm. Jesus Was a great commander he commanded things to work in his favour because he knew his authority and right standing as the son of God to the extent his disciples in Mark 4:41 said to one another "who is this man ? even the wind and waves obey him !"

My dear brethren thats what Jesus suffered and died for to give us that commanding authority that's why the book of 1 John 4:17 says As he is, so are you in this world. Is all about you knowing that you are the same with Jesus, whatever he has , you have also whatever you command in authority believing fully in your heart must surely work to your advantage.

In the book of Act of the Apostle 28 Paul was bitten by a snake and the people of malta were saying to themselves this man must be a murderer and fate will not let him live and they were waiting patiently for him to swell up or suddenly fall down dead, but after waiting for a long time and not seeing anything unusuall happening to him they changed there mind and said " He is a god "

My precious brethren Note that you can only be a god, like apostle Paul when you are in christ and you acknowledge that he died so that you can be perfect and full of command and authority like him.

I pray that the good and perfect Lord will give you the knowledge to know your right and authority in Christ Jesus...........
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