Who do you say i am...?

My brethren today's message is an excerpt from the book of matthew 16:13-20,
where Jesus the son of the most High asked his disciples who do people say the son of man is ?
and his disciples answered him saying "some say you are Elijah while others say you are John the baptist,

others say you are Jeremiah or some other prophet" and then Jesus Christ turned to them and asked them "
who do you say i am ?" and Simon Peter answered saying "you are the Messiah the son of the living God."
I know this question might sound common or mere to you but i tell you today that for you to answer this
question you need to encounter Jesus personally in other to provide a definite response for i say to you
your experience and answer of who Jesus is, cannot and can never be the same with that of simon peter,your
brother,sister,father,mother,relation,colleques or friends e.t.c. Because there are many faces to God's
glory and that is why
"The Doctors call him the Healer",
"The Mathematicians call him the Alpha and Omega",
"The Zoologist call him The Lion of the tribe of Judah",
"Scientist call him The Omniscience",
"The Botanist call him The Tree of Life",
"The Engineers call him The Strong Tower",
"The Architects call him The Solid Rock",
"The Geologist call him the Master of the Universe",
"The widows call him The Chief Husband Man",
"The Soldiers call him The Mighty Commander in Battle",
"The Wisemen call him Wisdom".
Wow how wonderful and beautiful God's glory is, after meditating on this question i finally came up with a
definite answer and i say "Lord you are the Master and King of all and everyThing".
So my dear brethren today Jesus is asking you " Who do you say i am ? ".

    I pray for you that after reading this message may the Holy Spirit give you a share of Gods glory so that
you also will have a definite answer to his question like Simon Peter --------
In Jesus Name.

Please feel free to share with us in the comment box below " who you think Jesus is to you ? ".
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