Relax trust in God he knows your taste

I titled this message "Relax trust in God he knows your taste" because after reading and meditating on the word of God in the book of widom 16:20-29 (Goodnews version), i dicovered that the Israelites recieved manners from heaven which is food of angels. Yeah i know what you are thinking because i thought so at first but God opened my understanding to know that you are thinking saying to yourself " yes i know that God fed numerous people in the bible and its not something new " and yes you are right is not something new but what is new is that besides feeding them with manner, God of Host fed them with what suited each and every one's taste,choice or preference. So i am asking you today Do you think God doesn't know your taste ? or is it that your taste or preference are too classy for God to figure it out ?

LOLS my friend and brethren put God to the task and he will show you a tip of his might and power, is willingness to suprise and also convince you beyound every doubt for he made everything out of perfection, for he is a holy and perfect God but note He can do perfect things in your life if only you can learn to relax and trust in him no matter what your situation is, if there's one good thing i know about trust is that " it is the confidence in or reliance on some person or quality" and thats what the perfect and sovereign GOD wants from us his children it doesn't matter how rough or stormy the road is, don't complain for when you trust in something or someone you believe that they will always come around to render assistance to you in times of difficulties and troubles and yes thats how it is with our Supreme GOD always and always trust,believe and know that he knows your taste and he will always provide what suites your taste exactly and even more better with absolute perfection beyound your human imagination and reasoning...............
So i say to you my brethren in Christ..... RELAX TRUST IN GOD HE KNOWS YOUR TASTE.

I pray that as you read through this article, May the good Lord provide you with the heart and mind to learn how to relax and trust in him no matter the situation
In Jesus Name.

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